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Ruppersberg 1

Jack and Steve working on Al Ruppersberg
(Photo courtesy of Peter Ellzey)

Ruppersberg 2

Steve and Al Ruppersberg
(Photo courtesy of Peter Ellzey)

Garo Antreasian and Jack Lemon

Jack Lemon and Garo Antreasian


Jeanette Pasin Sloan

Proofing Jeanette Pasin Sloan "Points"

Jill Moser

Anna Booth on the Voirin

Our wonderful press assistant, Anna Booth on the Voirin.
(Photo courtesy of Brad Hart)

Drake and Jack

James Drake and Feast of Four Rivers






What's New at Landfall:


Peregrine Honig was recently in the shop working on a new project. PYRE illustrates the details of the horrifying Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire of 1911. This piece is comprised of lithographs on archival paper printed in alphabetical order of women named in the list of the dead. Please check the inventory page for pricing.


Honig working on PYRE


Honig PYRE

Heidi Hahn

Hot off the press and just signed, two editions by New York artist, Heidi Hahn are available for purchase. Please check the inventory page for pricing.

Heidi Hahn working on mylar

Proofing Heidi Hahn Heidi Hahn

Hahn compilation

Hahn and Steve


Nusra Qureshi

After 13 years, Nusra came back to Landfall to complete two new editions. Her first visit was when Landfall was in Chicago, and now she was able to experience the Southwest. Please check the inventory page for pricing.



Lynch wash


Jack and Steve print


Qureshi Working

Steve Gianakos

Steve Gianakos made his first visit to the shop and completed four new editions. Please check the inventory page for pricing.



Lynch wash


Jack and Steve print



Landfall Press is pleased to announce its newest publications by , Steve Gianakos, Nusra Qureshi, and Allen Ruppersberg. Please contact Landfall Press for more information at 505.982.6625 or email us at


Laget Blackjack

Steve Gianakos, It Was Early Autumn Then,
and the Trees Were Bursting with Leaves

Laget Blackjack

Steve Gianakos, His Wife's Sister

Laget Blackjack

Steve Gianakos, He Launched a New Career as a Photographer

Laget Blackjack

Steve Gianakos, Another Pastime was Killing Small Animals



Nusra Qureshi,The Black Widow Watches On


Nusra Qureshi,The Identity of the Sword Shall Remain a Mystery


Ruppersberg Suite

Allen Ruppersberg, "The Top Ten Historical Similarities (and Differences) Between Prints and Photographs"



Schulz Comic Strip

Christo Wrapped Studabaker

Christo Studabaker Jack and Steve


Christo's Wrapped Snoopy House

Huntington Park, California, mid 50's- Jack Lemon is looking for his first car. Freshly mustered out of the Marine Corps and with a wallet full of greenbacks, Jack's eye settles on his prize; a 1950 Studebaker Champion. Were it all of our first cars could be so cool, but there is still a chance to own a bit of that classic charm...wrapped for posterity.

"Wrapped Automobile (Project for 1950 Studebaker Champion, Series 9G Coupe)" will mark the 31st collaboration between Christo/Jeanne-Claude and Landfall Press. The lithograph /collage, inspired by the classic Studebaker Champion, measures17 inches by 21 inches with an edition size of 200. For pricing, visit artist page. For more information, please call at 505.982.6625 or email at .


It has been three years in the making. We are pleased to announce we are in the final stages of printing the newest publication by Terry Allen. "Bottom of the World" is a suite of 11 lithographs based on the sheet music format of the 1930's and 40's. Each print illustrates and corresponds with one of Terry's original songs. The suite will be sold as a boxed set and will be accompanied by a signed vinyl LP and a Compact Disc. For pricing, visit the artist's page. Please contact Landfall Press for more information at 505.982.6625 or email us at

Allen working on Bottom of the World
Photos Courtesy of Peter Ellzey

Terry Allen working on Bottom of the World Suite

Terry Allen Bottom of the World
link to video



Our French Press (no, not a coffee plunger) is up and running. Friday, April 6th, 2012 was our inaugural run of the Voirin. Learning curve aside (we lack a circa 1870 manual which would no doubt, be in French), all went smoothly and prints were made at a much faster pace than us old timers can do by hand. Watch it GO!

The press is in a good home and is slowly and meticulously being restored to a showroom condition. Stay tuned for futher updates on this amazing old machine or visit us on our facebook page.


We now list print prices on the web site. You will find them listed on the artist's pages and also in the Inventory section of the web site. As always, prices and print availability are subject to change without notice. Please call or email us for more information on purchasing prints.

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William Christenberry
November 5th, 1936 - November 28th, 2016

John Glenn
July 18th, 1921 - December 8th, 2016

Press Area

Landfall's new Press area.

Scraper bars

Our many handmade scraper bars


Our new/old press
Want to see it in action? Click link below:

Watch it GO!

John Wayne

John Wayne makes a visit to the shop?


Jack on the Voirin

Jack aligns the paper.
(Photo courtesy of Brad Hart)

Steve and Voirin

Steve applies the ink.
(Photo courtesy of Brad Hart)