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Landfall Press:
Twenty-five Years of Printmaking

    Published by the Milwaukee Art Museum 1996. Foreward by Russell Bowman, introduction, acknowledgements and essay by Joe Ruzicka, other contributions by Vernon Fisher, Mark Pascale and Jack Lemon. 93 color plates.
    $45.00 softcover
    $80.00 hardcover

Landfall Press Twenty-five Years of Printmaking

The Prints of Jeanette Pasin Sloan
A Catalog Raisonné

    Forty-seven of Jeanette Pasin Sloan's prints. Ninety-five pages. Essay by James Yood. Forward by Martha Tadeschi. Published by John Szoke Editions.

    Deluxe version: $1,200.00
    (includes the etching Binary ll)
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Jeanette Pasin Sloan catalog

Navigating by the Stars
Writings by Vernon Fisher

    Unlike many artists who use "found" texts, Fisher writes his own stories: wry, terse, and mysterious anecdotes about life in his native Texas. Although some of the stories have been published before, most have never been separated from the work of art in which they originally appeared. Written over a period of thirteen years, they have been grouped thematically into sections such as "Texas", "Love Stories" and "Between the Lines."
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Navigating By the Stars

William T. Wiley
Graphics 1967-1979

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